Use your own custom bot

You can configure the ELITE Feed Reader Bot to use your own customized bot for sending messages.
(warning: custom/vote/like buttons won't work if you use a custom bot)

First you have to create a bot using BotFather:

Here is an example:

The second step is to tell the Feed Reader Bot to use your own custom bot. Use the /botkey command (in the Feed Reader Bot) and use the token given by BotFather:

(If you want to remove the connection to your custom bot, type: /botkey remove)

That's it! Now, the posts from your feeds will be sent under the identity of your custom bot:

Important: you still must type commands in the Elite bot; the custom bot is only used for sending messages.

Use your custom bot in a group or channel

If you want to use your custom bot in a group or channel, don't forget to use the /group or /channel command before the /botkey command (and you have to configure the Elite bot in your group/channel first, before using a custom bot)

If you have any trouble, ask help on the support group ;)