Monitoring websites using XPath (premium & elite accounts only)

This tutorial will show you how to monitor a webpage for changes using XPath expressions.

First, click on the "Add new XPath monitoring" link:

Type a name (that will be used by the bot in its messages), the URL of the page to monitor, and the XPath expression.
Here, I want to monitor the storebot website to be warned when new reviews are made:

How did I find the XPath expression?
The easiest way is to use Google Chrome. Open the webpage in Chrome, right-click on the element to monitor, and select "Inspect":

Then, right-click on the blue line, and select "Copy" - "Copy XPath":

You can now paste the XPath expression, and save the monitoring:

(use the "check" link to verify that the XPath expression retrieves the correct value)

Now, when the bot detects a change in the HTML element retrieved by the XPath expression, he will notify you:

If you have any trouble, please contact jcmag ;)