The Feed Reader Bot

The Feed Reader Bot monitors RSS feeds, Twitter/Youtube/Tiktok accounts, Facebook pages, and sends you messages when new posts, tweets or videos are available.


The Move Fiction Bot

Exercise to unlock exciting new adventures where you are the hero. The more you move, the further the story goes!
(a Strava, Google Fit, Withings or Fitbit account is required)

@move_fiction_bot - Fantasy Story

New: visit countries all over the world! Every kilometer traveled on foot or by bike will take you on a tour of a country (first country available: Slovenia)

@move_fiction_bot - Virtual Tour

The Tomodachi Bot

The Tomodachi Bot is your new friend! 😉
Feed him, speak and play with him!


The Flashcard Bot

Remember things (word definitions, geography, foreign languages etc.) using flashcards (more than 100,000 cards available!)


The ChatGPT Bot

Discuss with ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence, translate and summarize texts, PDF & audio files, and even Youtube videos!


The Quizmaster Bot

Answer the maximum of questions to become the Quiz Master!
You have only 40 seconds to answer each question.


The Math Teacher Bot

Practice mental arithmetic!


En français : @ProfDeMathsBot