Tips & Tricks

Forward messages from a Telegram channel

If you want the Feed Reader Bot to send messages from a Telegram public channel (to another channel or group), use the "Telegram" bridge on

Type the channel's name in the "Username" field, and click on "Generate Feed":

Click on "Copy command" to copy the command in memory, then paste it in the bot's chat window:

Receive Instagram posts (Premium/Elite subscribers only)

Premium and Elite subscribers can receive posts from Instagram accounts. To create an Instagram feed, open the Bridge2 website:, scroll down to the "Instagram (" bridge (other bridges exist, using different websites, with various refresh rates), and enter the account you want the bot to follow:

Click on "Display". Then copy the command and paste it in the bot's chat window:

Approve & Schedule messages (Elite subscribers only)

Elite subscribers can manually approve messages before sending them to a group or channel.
To do that, enter the identifier of a channel (where all messages will be sent, for you to approve) in the "Approval channel ID" template setting (in the "Exclude/Include" section):

(To retrieve a channel's identifier, forward any of its message to the bot, then type /id)

Messages will be sent to the approval channel, where you could approve them manually:

And even schedule them:

Prevent sending similar messages (Elite subscribers only)

If you don't want similar messages to be sent by the bot, you can use the similarity feature.
The following commands are available:

/similarity_enable on/off -> to enable/disable the feature
/similarity_hours xx -> set the number of hours to store messages and check the similarity to previous messages
/similarity_percentage xx -> the percentage limit above which the messages won't be sent
/similarity_channel xxxxx -> a channel's ID to send similar messages to (and check if they are really similar or not)
/similarity -> to see all previous settings


Similarity settings
Enabled: yes
Hours: 12
Percentage: 80%

Here, the messages that are sent are stored for 12 hours. If a message from a feed has a 80% similarity to one of the stored message, it won't be sent.

/download utility command (Premium & Elite subscribers only)

Use the /download command, followed by a URL, to download videos and photos. For example:

or to download all photos of a tweet:

Supported services:
- dailymotion
- instagram posts, stories and reels
- pinterest
- rutube
- soundcloud
- streamable
- tiktok
- twitch clips
- vimeo
- x/twitter
- youtube

Remove the "" links from tweets

Twitter adds the link of the tweet at the end of the text:

If you want to remove this last link, enter in the "Replacement" setting of the template: https://t\.co/\w+$|

(If you want to remove all links, don't put the '$')