Premium & Elite features

Here are the differences between free and premium/elite accounts:

  Free account
(free bot)
Premium account
(premium bot)
Elite account
(elite bot)
Price - 5€ / month
lifetime: 150€
10€ / month
lifetime: 300€
for lifetime subscriptions, contact jcmag to subscribe
Refresh rate 4 hours 30 minutes 10 minutes
Warning: the refresh rate is not guaranteed (and can take several hours) for Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok feeds
Number of total subscriptions 10 feeds
(and 5 channels/groups)
50 feeds
(unlimited channels/groups)
100 feeds
(unlimited channels/groups)
to increase the limit see here
Ads (*) from time to time (*) No ads No ads
OPML import file 10 feeds 50 feeds 100 feeds
Anti-spam features (example)
Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Twitter single accounts (tutorial) Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Twitter lists (tutorial)
Receive tweets from a Twitter list
Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Facebook public pages
- Yes (15 accounts) Yes (30 accounts)
to increase the limit see here
Connect to Twitter Discord and Twitter Slack channels - Yes Yes
Receive emails (tutorial) - Yes Yes
Templates (message customization)
read the tutorial for more information
- Yes Yes
Monitoring (using screenshots or XPath)
read the screenshot tutorial and XPath tutorial
for more information
- Yes
(minimum refresh interval:
60 minutes)
(minimum refresh interval:
60 minutes)
To replace or remove some text found in messages.
- Yes Yes
Exclude messages that contain some text.
- Yes Yes
"Like" and custom buttons - Yes Yes
Send predefined messages periodically
- Yes
(10 timers)
(20 timers)
Instant View templates
Set your custom Instant View templates
to use with your feeds
- Yes Yes
Translate the messages sent by the bot (**)
- Yes Yes
Post to group's topics
- Yes Yes
Use your own bot
The posts from your feeds will be sent
by your own custom bot (tutorial)
- - Yes
AI features: chat with ChatGPT,
generate summaries of articles
and subtitles for videos
- - Yes
(limited to 10k tokens,
around 7500 words)
For more, contact jcmag
Approve & schedule messages
- - Yes
Prevent sending similar messages
- - Yes

To subscribe to a premium account, use this bot: The Feed Reader Bot - Premium.
To subscribe to an elite account, use this bot: The Feed Reader Bot - Elite.

* : if you want to advertise on the Feed Reader Bot please contact jcmag

** : Uses DeepL translation service (free & paid subscriptions are available). A deepl account is required (to specify the API key in your template settings).

To increase the limits: You can pay more to increase the limits (for example if you pay 10€/month, you can pay 20€/month to double the limits).

Feeds with very fast refresh rate

If you need feeds with a refresh rate of a few minutes, or even a few seconds, custom feeds can be developed.
(for example, if you need to receive news as soon as they are posted on a website, or monitor prices or stocks of products, or receive tweets very fast etc.)
If you want to monitor a website without a feed, the development of such a feed would cost around 20€.
Then the monthly cost would depend on the refresh rate:
Refresh rateMonthly cost per feed
2 minutes 10€
1 minute 20€
30 seconds40€
15 seconds80€
(this kind of feeds can only be used with the Elite bot, so you would also need an Elite subscription)
If you are interested, just ask jcmag ;)